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Basic Plan

  • Disk space2 Gb
  • Monthly transferUnlimited
  • FTP accounts25
  • Email boxes1000
  • Domain Allowed1
  • Subdomains25
  • MySql25
$ 3.75 p/m

Economy Plan

  • Disk space5 Gb
  • Monthly transferUnlimited
  • FTP accounts50
  • Email boxes2500
  • Domains Allowed3
  • SubdomainsUnlimited
  • MySqlUnlimited
$ 5.95 p/m

Deluxe Plan

  • Disk space10 Gb
  • Monthly transferUnlimited
  • FTP accounts100
  • Email boxes3000
  • Domains Allowed10
  • SubdomainsUnlimited
  • MySqlUnlimited
$ 6.95 p/m


  • Disk spaceUnlimited
  • Monthly transferUnlimited
  • FTP accountsUnlimited
  • Email boxesUnlimited
  • Free domains1
  • Domains AllowedUnlimited
  • SubdomainsUnlimited
$ 9.95 p/m


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Your Domain Name Helps the World to Find You

Domain names build credibility on the Web. If you are trying to do business online, a unique domain name is essential. It is the difference between setting up a stall in the corner of a warehouse you share with dozens of other stores and owning your own store. With registrations costing as little as $14 per year (depending on the Registrar), this is a very small price to pay for increased credibility in the eyes of potential customers.

If your site is just a personal homepage set up for fun or as a hobby, you may not want or need a domain name. However, you will find it much easier to get your site noticed if you register one.

In the physical world, you often hear that the most important aspect of any business is location. Like the physical, brick and mortar world, on the Web there is no such thing as a prime location in which to set up a store or business. No matter how small you are, a good domain name can put your business on an equal footing with Microsoft or AOL. That�s the wonder of the Web: as far as public perception is concerned, it does not matter if your site is run by a large team out of elegant offices or by one person in a spare room.

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